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Now, with he success of their wildly popular grab-n-go cafes in its founders hometown in Seoul, Korea, Snowfox offers high-end retail settings like Westwoodthe same classic techniques and fanciful creations that created new sushi lovers in hundreds of American neighborhoods.
SNOWFOX is the ideal spot to indulge in your love for colorful, delicious, chef-prepared sushi.
Fresh. Beautiful. Just in time.
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Daily Fresh Sushi &
Korean Japanese Hot Food

We only use fresh ingredients to provide our customers with the best experience. Since we are using raw fish, we take our initiative to preserve the freshness of our ingredients.
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Various Choices of Food,
Beverages, Dessert Snacks

Is there any food or ingredients you want to avoid? You can customize your food to meet your needs! However each store is different and some may not be able to customize.
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Experience the
Korean & Japanese Culture

Food is essential in any culture. Experience Korean and Japanese culture through our various meals, salads, treats, and drinks.
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Quick Grab & Go

We value your time. Our priority is to serve you the best quality food as quick as possible. So if your lunch time is limited, then simply grab what you want and go to the register.


Laughter, Warmth, and Joy

People spend roughly a third of their working and we believe work should be fun and efficient. Snowfox wish to offer a positive environment enriched with communication, bonding and laughter.

We invite you to Snowfox cafe!

If you are interested in developing your career towards East Asian Food cuisine, then come check out our job openings below.

Cashier & Cleaning

Flatiron, NY

Full / Part

Sushi Helper

Flatiron, NY

Full / Part

Assistant Manager

Flatiron, NY

Full / Part

Dish Washer

Flatiron, NY

Full / Part

Prep Cook

Flatiron, NY

Full / Part

Chef prepared. Beautiful.
Just In Time.




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